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Honeywell 7980g 2D USB Type A 3m (7980G-2USBC-0) 3 Years Warranty

Product Info

Department:Point of Sale (POS)
Category:Barcode Scanners
Part Number:7980G-2USBC-0
UPC / BARCODE:198000010176
Warranty:36 months



USB Kit: 1D, PDF, 2D, USB Type A 3m (9.8´) straight cable (CBL-500-300-S00-04), EU power supply (PS-05-1000W-C)
Scan Pattern : Area Image (1280X960 Pixel array)
Motion Tolerance 3.0 m/s (118 in) for UPC 13mil at optimal focal point
Scan Angle Horizontal 42
vertical 34
print Contrast : 25% minimum reflectance difference
Input Voltage : 5.0 to 5.2V
Operating Current:270mA
Power Supply
Input Voltage:100-240V/50 -60HZ
Out put Current 5.2V /1.0A
Warranty : 3 Years (Factory Warranty)