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Honeywell HH400 Scanner USB Black 2.7m (HH400-R1-2USB) 3 Years Warranty

Product Info

Department:Point of Sale (POS)
Category:Barcode Scanners
Part Number:HH400-R1-2USB
UPC / BARCODE:677000000469
Warranty:36 months



Dimensions (LxWxH): 72.5mm×125mm×154mm

Weight: 125.6g

Input Voltage: 5 ± 0.5VDC

Working Power: 2.0W, 400mA (Typical) @5VDC

Standby power: 0.55W, 110mA (Typical) @5VDC

Interface: USB, RS232

Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 50°C

Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ 60°C

Humidity: 0% ~ 95%

Drop: Designed to withstand 1m drop to concrete

Light source: White LED

Scanner: Red LED, 617nm

Indicator light: Flickering blue light = Decoding successful

Scanning type: Image scanning

Recognizable printing contrast: Minimum 35% contrast

Corner, elevation, drift: ±180°,±60°,±70°

Minimum precision: 4mil

Decoding capability: Decodes standard 1D and 2D bar

particularly powerful decoding capability for those in screens

Warranty 3 Years (Factory Warranty)