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Dell PE T350 Intel Xeon E-2314 8GB (1x8GB) 2x1.2TB 10K SAS 2.5" HP in 3.5" CARR, H345 DVDRW DRPS, On-Board LOM, iD9En MS116 KB216

Product Info

Part Number:SNS22116542
UPC / BARCODE:677000005422
Warranty:36 months



210-BBSR PowerEdge T350 Server[PowerEdge T350 Server[2]]

329-BGKL PowerEdge T350 Motherboard 1

338-CCKW Intel Xeon E-2314 2.8GHz, 8M Cache, 4C/4T, Turbo (65W), 3200 MT/s 1

379-BCRG iDRAC,Factory Generated Password 1

379-BCQY iDRAC Group Manager, Disabled 1

321-BGXD 3.5" Chassis with up to 8 Hot Plug Hard Drives and AIC PERC, hot-plug PSU 1

325-BEHD Security Bezel 1

350-BCGT Luggage tag, PowerEdge T350 1

370-AAIP Performance Optimized 1

370-AGNY 3200MT/s UDIMM 1

370-AGQW 8GB UDIMM, 3200MT/s, ECC 1

385-BBQV iDRAC9, Enterprise 15G 1

400-BFWY 1.2TB Hard Drive SAS ISE 12Gbps 10k 512n 2.5in with 3.5in HYB CARR 2

405-AAWU PERC H345 Controller, Adapter, Full Height 1

384-BBBL Performance BIOS Settings 1

412-AAHC Standard Heatsink 1

429-AAQL DVD+/-RW SATA Internal 1

450-AKMP Dual, Hot-Plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 600W 1

461-AAIG Trusted Platform Module 2.0 V3 1

470-AFBV BOSS Blank 1

389-ECDD PowerEdge T350 CCC Marking, No CE Marking, APCC/Taiwan 1

492-BBLO Jumper Cord - C13/C14, 4M, 250V, 10A (US, EU, TW, APCC countries except ANZ) 2

542-BBBP On-Board LOM 1

570-AAKV Dell Optical Mouse MS116 - Black 1

580-ADJC Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard English 1

605-BBFN No Media Required 1

611-BBBF No Operating System 1

631-AACK No Systems Documentation, No OpenManage DVD Kit 1

683-12968 For SADMG Countries only - No Installation Service Required 1

780-BCDL RAID 0 1

800-BBDM UEFI BIOS Boot Mode with GPT Partition 1

709-BBGO Channel SADMG Rapid Parts Exchange 15 Months 1

723-BCHX Channel Partner Support-L2 L3 Support with Advance Parts Replacement Extension- SADMG, 24 Month(s) 1

723-BCHY Channel Partner Support-L2 L3 Support with Advance Parts Replacement Initial- SADMG, 15 Month(s) 1

990-19625 EX-HUB from APCC Penang(DDD) 1