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Dell OptiPlex 3000 Tower Core i5-12500 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe NoDVDRW W10Pro(Includes W11Pro) MS116 KB216

Product Info

Part Number:SNS_22368198.7
UPC / BARCODE:677000006029
Warranty:36 months



210-BCST ** OptiPlex 3000 Tower
329-BGQH OptiPlex 3000 Tower with 180W Bronze Power Supply 1
329-BBJL Trusted Platform Module (Discrete TPM Enabled) 1
338-CDCY Acceleration i5-12500 (6 Cores/18MB/12T/3.0GHz to 4.6GHz/65W); supports Win11/Win11 DG/Linux) 1
379-BBHM No Media Card Reader 1
379-BBDE Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials Not Included 1
379-BBCY No Additional Cable 1
387-BBLW ENERGY STAR Qualified 1
340-AFMQ None 1
340-ACBS Document for MUI (English, Khemer, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Spanish) 1
340-CYGU Quick Start Guide 1
340-ACIV Shipping Label for APCC and ICC 1
340-CPQK Shipping Material for Tower(APCC) 1
340-ADBJ Thank You for Choosing Dell 1
340-CKSZ No AutoPilot 1
340-CUEW Intel Core i5 non-vPro Processor Label 1
370-AGFP 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 Non-ECC Memory 1
400-BOFB M.2 2230 512GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive (EM) 1
401-AANH No Additional Hard Drive 2
412-AAZN Thermal Pad for Tower 1
429-ABKG No Optical Disk Drive 1
450-AAOG System Power Cord (Cambodia) 1
461-AAEI No Chassis Intrusion Switch 1
389-ECNW Regulatory Label for OptiPlex 3000 Tower 180W, APCC 1
389-BDCE No UPC Label 1
389-DVNR Not EPEAT Registered 1
490-BBFG Intel Integrated Graphics 1
382-BBHX No Additional Add In Cards 1
382-BBFW Optional VGA Video Port 1
492-BBFF No PCIe add-in card 1
520-AARD Internal Speaker 1
555-BBFO No Wireless LAN Card (no WiFi enablement) 1
575-BBKX No Hard Drive Bracket, Dell OptiPlex 1
570-ABIT Dell USB Optical Mouse-MS116 (EPEAT) - Black 1
580-ADOY Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) 1

619-AQGN Windows 10 Pro (Includes Windows 11 Pro License) English 1
620-AALW OS-Windows Media Not Included 1
630-ABBW Microsoft Office Trial(30 Days) 1
631-ADFQ In-Band Systems Management 1
658-BBMR Dell Client System Update (Updates latest Dell Recommended BIOS, Drivers, Firmware and Apps) 1
658-BBRB Waves Maxx Audio 1
658-BEOK Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery Tool 1
658-BFDQ Windows PKID Label 1
658-BFLN SW Driver, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, OptiPlex 3000 1
640-BBLW Dell(TM) Digital Delivery Cirrus Client 1
525-BBCL SupportAssist 1
650-AAHJ No Anti-Virus software 1
817-BBSI System Monitoring not selected in this configuration 1
817-BBBB Custom Configuration 1
709-BCXH SADMG Rapid Parts Exchange Service 12 Months 1
199-BILO SADMG Rapid Parts Exchange Service Extension, 24 Month(s) 1
799-AAHQ Mod Specs Info (SADMG) 1
990-25774 EX-HUB from APCC Penang(DDD) 1
990-BBBN Ex Factory Delivery Info Only 1
773-BBBC M2X3.5 Screw for SSD/DDPE 1