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TruPower Stabilizer Automatic Voltage 5kVA, 140V~250V (TND-5000VA)

Product Info

Part Number:TND-5000VA
UPC / BARCODE:696000001728
Warranty:12 months



Capacity: 5KVA
Rated Current: 22.7A
Dimension(mm): 315*235*270
Weight: 13.4KG
Phase: Single phase
Stable input voltage: 140V~250V
Working input voltage: 110V~270V
Output voltage: 220V±2%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input protected value: Under voltage:260V, Over voltage:500V,Over Current:90A*0.8
Output protected value: Under voltage:320V, Over voltage:440V,Over Current:90A*0.8
Correction time: Step1 up or step down 10% of rated voltage from input voltage, The output will stable to rated voltage after 1 seconds.
Display: Input/Output voltage
Safe start: The AVR will start output after 6 seconds delay
Insulation resistance: 5M
Noise: 55dB
Wave deformation: nil
Insulation class: H class
Wire system: 1-phase-3-wire-system
Operation: 50,000 hours
Method of voltage regulation: servo motors
Efficiency: 97%(full load)
Cooling System: Auto Forced Air
Protection class: IP21
Ambient temperature operating: -20℃ to +45℃
Altitude: 1000m
Relative humidity: 95%
Functions: Safe start, Protection(Short- Circuit, Overload, Over/Under Voltage)